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Remember how we talked about Nokia working on a smartphone codenamed Normandy? Well, it is supposedly the first Android phone by the Finnish company and it will run a custom Android version, The Verge reported. The report also said that the smartphone has been in the works for quite some time now, but it is still unknown whether it will be released in the market(s) by the company.

That said, if the phone is in the development stage, then it should be launched at some point. Speculations are that even though the Microsoft deal is underway, the smartphone should be launched some time before the deal is completed. Some also expect the device to be launched at the Mobile World Congress in 2014.

Said to be a successor to the Nokia Asha series, the Normandy could turn out to be a budget smartphone, which follows Nokia’s trademark designs along with a version of the Android OS. The device should still include the Finnish company’s proprietary services like Nokia music, Nokia Maps and some other applications. This actually makes the phone sound much better, since the Android applications will also be included.

The Normandy may be a one off for Nokia though because once the Microsoft acquisition is through, the company can be expected to stick to the Windows Phone that it makes.