If you spend a lot of time tinkering around in Wordpress trying to optimize your authority sites for both high ranking position in the search engines and maximum conversions from your visitors, then listen up! Authority Pro is a brand new "theme engine" from software and marketing geniuses Alex Goad and Bryan McConnahea. You'll never need to install another theme, widget, or plugin again with this all-inclusive software suite.
It should be said that even though Authority Pro looks and acts like a theme to Wordpress, it actually completely transforms Wordpress into a new piece of software with everything under the sun a marketer could possibly desire from his or her authority sites. From tracking and split testing, to SEO and keyword clouds, this engine really does it all, leaving you to spend less time tinkering and more time to work on the important things.
Authority Pro is especially useful for anyone like myself who struggles with design, and can't seem to get those "professional" looking squeeze pages like the pro's do (without paying somebody to do it). That hurdle is completely eliminated with the Squeeze Maker Templates that come pre-installed in the theme, so you can choose from a bunch of proven high-converting designs for your page and switch between them with the click of a button.
All in all, even the least technologically inclined marketer can now have landing pages that look and convert like the ones the gurus use. And to prove it, Alex and Bryan used their own software on their own site. That's right – The Authority Pro website was created with Authority Pro! I couldn't think of a testimonial better than that.
But I will offer one anyway, because this is honestly one of the best pieces of software I've come across in a long time both in terms of versatility and value. After using it for just a short time, I couldn't imagine ever going back to doing everything by hand. It's a double whammy: giving me hours back in my day and dollars in my bank account!
So if you're ready to dominate your niche with a few quick clicks and convert like you never thought possible, give Authority Pro a try today. I'll be shocked if you're not immediately hooked, because this is surely about to become the new gold standard in niche authority sites.