I'm a member of the flight simulator network where I review top flight simulator games. There are currently new  flight sims on the market - namely ProFlightSimulator.Many Reviewer claim that ProFlightBoth similiar to so I wrote to the creator of ProFlightSimulator just to make sure this statement not true.
   I thought it would be good to all of you and ProFlightSimulation developer team if I help to clarify these issue.So this article is a review between ProFlightSimulation and Flightgear.
ProFlightSimulator is an independent open source Flight Simulator. As always, revealed this is a division / sector FlightGear community and created a very specific reason. It is different from FG because of the many important changes in the game.

Here are some of the changes:

* A Plug and Play system that works without the complications of advanced customization

Makes it easy to start playing the game without the need for complex technical installation work.

* We offer a system to stop a shot and makes it easy to add air & scenery.

No more fiddling with the files and not knowing where to copy them. It is a single-click the installation process.

* The start completing the game was rewritten to help new users with this problem.
* There is no better complement to the hardware and software interface capabilities. (For example: Joystick support)
* We have incorporated more realistic scenery and New photo updates are added monthly.

* Reduce the effect of flight delay
* The new aircraft models are added regularly.
(FG provides no new updates regularly)

* VATSIM network integration! Flying with other pilots in the aviation network. (Must be completed in 4 months time)

To comply, we launched the game until the GNU / GPL. All images are assigned and licensed in accordance with their respective licenses.

There is work planned to include some important improvements in the coming months, namely:

- Improved interface control (one-click configuration with all the flight control teams most important)

- Integrating and supporting VATSIM network.

- Continued development of new aircraft and new scenarios.

That would be much different than it was FlightGear.

  ProFlightSimulator have a team of developers hired to work full time to add code and new ideas to fully develop this. As such, the cost you will pay will go into developing this game. There will be new changes and updates every month.
This is a separate branch of FlightGear and can build upon it, but definitely not similar in aspects mentioned above.

FlightGear is simply saying that it would be inaccurate and illegal.

I hope that explains the different between ProFlight Simulator and FlightGear